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By Email

Spam is still a problem so my email address is obfuscated here. Please try this but, do not use the upper case characters: abC( zero )dpLANE( the at symbol )coxATT( dot )COMnet
When you are done, there are exactly thirteen characters to type.

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By Social Networking

In Yahoo! I am "sparks_guy_ict".

If you , call me SparksGuy.

My photos are at Flickr .

I tweet from Follow @ksguy_com or Guy's Daily Tool

"Guy's tool of the day" is at Follow @todays_tool or Guy's Daily Tool


I may start a Blog .

Facebook or A.I.M. by special invitation only.

Ham Radio is the old school Social Networking that
takes a licking and keeps on ticking. So, if you are a
"ham"; you MAY know what frequency to find me on.

By Phone

Flash Required

Yep, I had to MOVE the Phone section down here at the end because sometimes, it would not display things after it. It was frustrating me.

When you click on the "Call Me" icon above, Google will connect our phones. First you fill in your phone number and your name. You can check a box if you want to keep your number private. After you click on the connect button, Google calls YOU, and connects you to my phone. Please note: "Free calling" only in the lower 48 states. Mobile callers, your carrier may charge "minutes" for this call.