What is ksguy.com?
Well, it is my personal web site. I wanted a replacement for my last one, fmsstv.net, now 404. This is it, but hopefully this will be much more than the last one was.
Why call it ksguy.com?
Because all the real good domain names were taken. (Google: Harris's lament)

I didn't want to use ABØDP (my ham call sign) because it might change. Probably not, but it could. There is more to life than ham radio and I want my web site to reflect all of my interests, not just one. "KS" is the postal abbreviation for Kansas, the state (of the United States) I live in. I grew up here and have spent most of my life here. More about Kansas elsewhere. ksGUY because that is my name, Guy. Really, it is! I was named for my Grandfather. (Why dot com? I am going commercial.) Also, it is short and fairly easy to remember, two of the most important things to have in a good domain name. 
Who runs ksguy.com?
I do, Guy Clark. I am also know as ABØDP, SparksGuy and now "KS Guy". I am retired from the company: Rockwell Collins. I have spent over 42 years servicing electronics, and over 35 years of that at Collins. 

I am divorced, with 2 grown children.
When did ksguy.com start?
First came the stick, sometime after the invention of fire. OK, you say, not THAT far back.... ksguy.com started on about June 1st, 2007. Of course the predecessors go back to about 1995 when I first set up a web site. It was not at all good. In 2000 I set up another but, had major improvements in July, 2002. I changed the site to a new server and locked in the domain name of fmsstv.net (now 404). It was all about SSTV. Anyway, late in 2006, the need for 'fmsstv.net' dried up. I still wanted to have a presence on the WWW but not just about SSTV. So, that is how ksguy.com was conceived.
Where is ksguy.com?
Cyberspace, on the information super highway. I think it is some where near the West Philadelphia off ramp. :-P Well on the server it is at IP address: . No! Wait! now it is at (server change in 2018).
Why does ksguy.com exist?
Because I don't want my daughter to think she can do something that I didn't do first. (She actually makes MONEY writing HTML!) OK, OK... I don't have a mission statement because this is not a company (yet). I am not here to make money or get your business (yet). I simply want to have a spot to direct people to so they can see my vacation pictures or read some of my ramblings. And I CAN ramble on and on.
What about the ultimate question about life, the universe, and well, everything?
Easy. The answer is 42. (Ref: Douglas Adams ISBN 0-345-39182-9)

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