What is SSTV ?

Slow Scan TV (SSTV) is a transmission method for sending images via the airwaves. These image types could be GIF, JPG, BMP or similar depending on the computer software used for the SSTV transmissions.

It works similar to Facsimile transmissions. Each colour has it's own frequency in SSTV mode and the software simply codes the colour into an audible frequency tone that can be interfaced into the microphone system of the radio. The receiving end software simply decodes the frequency tone back into the colour.

In fact, an SSTV signal can be recorded onto an audiotape and then played back and decoded. Any number of people can simultaneously decode a single SSTV transmission, just like 1000's of people can listen to the same radio station at the same time or watch the same television channel.

SSTV is a relatively fast method of transmission, each transmission burst of SSTV lasts about 30 seconds irrespective of file size.

Information contributed by John - VK3TVZ

Many thanks to John for the use of his words. Guy