Yep, I'm ABØDP. My X-XYL is KBØOSC. Harmonics: Jack KC9GNW and Jeana KI4PFK.

ABØDP is my ham radio call letters. It is not a mischievous acronym. No one else in THE WORLD can legally use my call letters, so I feel that my call defines me. It is not the first call letters I've had. Previously my call was WBØNNK, but I up-graded in December, 1996. I've also had the calls of WNØNNK and ABØNNK. The Ø is a Zero, not an Oh.

I use to do a lot of SSTV, both in the 1970's and again between 2000 and 2006. My old web site about SSTV (now 404) sort of lead to this site.

What is a Ham ?

A ham is a licensed operator of an amateur radio station. (More info from the ARRL.)
Amateur Radio is a non-commercial radio communication service whose primary aims are public service, technical training and experimentation, and communication between private persons. Hams often communicate with each other recreationally but also provide communications for others at public events or in times of emergency or disaster.

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