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Here are some GPX Files we've collected for you to download.

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What is Geocaching? An adventure game, scavenger hunt, outdoor treasure hunt, recreational activity and is a bit like playing "Pirate".

What are you looking for? The treasure box or "cache" is usually a waterproof container. It can be smaller than a 35 mm film can, or as big as a 5 gallon bucket.

What is inside the cache? Logbook, pencil, trinkets, books, CD's, coins, costume jewelry, toys, games. Please TRADE Fairly, there are rules. See the links below.

What do you need to start hunting? A Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver; a device that uses radio signals from military satellites. It can determine your location within about 20 feet, anywhere on the Earth. Some GPS units are made more for automobile navigation. Get a hand held unit for Geocaching.

That doesn't sound very interesting. Sorry, it is interesting. Caching is hard to explain. It is easier to SHOW. There are many kinds of Geocaches. They are for all ages, family friendly and are usually placed in interesting locations that you may not know about.

The inside jokes: "I use multi-billion dollar satellites to find tupperware hidden in the woods, filled with 50 cent plastic toys." "Geocaching is the most fun you can have with billion dollar military hardware without getting to blow something up."

If you are hooked on Geocaching and live near Wichita, you should join the WGS. If you don't you will be missing out on half the fun. The Wichita Geocaching Society is a loosely organized group of cachers, numbering over 100. We have meetings but no dues or officers. To join, all you need is a free Yahoo ID then request to join. Signing up is easy and free.


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I've collected some GPX Files for you to download.
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