What are GPX Files?
The GPS eXchange Format (GPX) is a computer file format for sharing GPS data between programs and people. For more information I'll direct you to these two expert descriptions: One from Dan Foster, the other from Wikipedia. GPX is an open standard.

Benchmark Files:
Phil (DBLv1Sn) posted some GPX files to our local group, but since that group is some-what private I built this page to provide them openly for your use (he gave permission but copyrights may apply).

Phil says (more or less): "I have posted these NGS benchmark files pulled from the database on 3/16/2011. These include Sedgwick and 16 surrounding counties in Kansas. The number behind the underscore in the file name is how many PID's are in the file. I would like to come up with a way to share finds with fellow benchmarkers. I think a found.gpx file you download edit and repost might be one way. Let me know if you have any other ideas if your into benchmarking. These benchmarks are converted from the database and may not have been found or could be removed. Just because it is listed on the file does not mean it still exist. Research before burning gas. Have fun and maybe we can keep a list of found benchmarks somewhere. I tested them on Garmin Etrex, Oregon and Colorado. Paperless benchmark hunting on the last two."

Right click on the link below, then select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". You will get a pop up box where you can select a "Save in:" location in your computer. That is where you will find it later; so make note of the location; then click the "Save" button.
barber_64.gpx butler_215.gpx chase_99.gpx
chautauqua_66.gpx cowley_232.gpx elk_42.gpx
greenwood_82.gpx harper_157.gpx harvey_96.gpx
kingman_198.gpx marion_127.gpx mcpherson_217.gpx
pratt_79.gpx reno_229.gpx rice_106.gpx
sedgwick_282.gpx stafford_74.gpx sumner_271.gpx

I had one report of a downloaded file name suffixed with XML instead of GPX. If this happens to you, I believe it is I.E.'s fault; but you can fix it. After downloading, just left click on the file name (twice, slowly) and edit it into GPX. You may also be able to fix this as you are downloading it.

My Files:
I also made a package of Pawnee Prairie Park land marks, for you to download and use. The file name is PPPenter.gpx and it has waypoints like Brides, Parking Areas, and Trail Heads. This park is a very large one here in Western Wichita with many Geocaches. No caches in this file, but the waypoints are handy to have anytime you might be in this park for any reason.

Join W.G.S.
If you are hooked on Geocaching and live near Wichita, you should join the WGS. If you don't you will be missing out on half the fun. The Wichita Geocaching Society is a loosely organized group of cachers, numbering over 100. We have meetings but no dues or officers. To join, all you need is a free Yahoo ID then request to join. Signing up is easy and free.