Guy's Positioning System (GPS)

As a gag Christmas gift, I gave my son a compass, map and whistle. To document their use, I wrote a manual to describe this "Guys Positioning System" (GPS?). He did finally get a real GPS from me.

The manual was printed from a PDF file and was intended to be a tri-fold pamphlet. You can read it without printing it if you pay attention to the page numbers. Download your copy of the PDF file.

If you would like to "gag" some one yourself, I grant you free use of the manual and use of the idea. The copyright still applies for commercial or non-personal use. Not pictured was a piece of plastic with a red X on it, that I called a waypoint marker. Also not pictures was a small bag of golf tees that I called route markers. Don't forget a road map, whistle and a cheep compass.